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Join the Love Our Central Coast/Loving Salinas Service Project Team!!

Love Our Central Coast & Loving Salinas Join Forces!

Love Our Central Coast featured approximately 500 volunteers from nine different churches that joined hands to serve at 42 different projects throughout Monterey County in unity and solidarity out of love and care for our communities on April 21, 2018. THANK YOU to everyone who joined in - we continue to grow as God adds more partner churches across Monterey County.

We are pleased to continue to join forces with several new churches in 2018, not least of which is a great partner to the Salinas community for over 18 years of service and outreach - Salinas Valley Community Church  (SVCC).  SVCC has faithfully reached out to schools, homeless agencies, city officials, individual community members and so many others with its well-known serve days under the banner of Loving Salinas.  This important partner, along with several other churches joining forces this year, will allow the unified body of churches to host two major serve days in 2018 as well as smaller monthly service projects targeted at local schools, homeless agencies, and cities where more frequent service opportunities are available.

The first serve day was a huge success, featuring over 40 service opportunities in Monterey County on Saturday, April 21.  From service homeless, to building wheelchair ramps, painting transitional housing units at Community Homeless Solutions, to youth engaged in serving at First Tee of Monterey County and Natividad Creek Park - you name it - church partners rolled up their sleeves together to serve their communities.

      • A second date is planned for October this year, so keep an eye out for service opportunities on our website as well as additional projects that may come online prior to this date.  If your church has a specific project you would like to accomplish, please feel free to submit a project request form online and we will coordinate hosting the project with your church.

      • Next community-wide serve date:  Saturday, October 27, 2018 - 8am-12pm (key focus on Monterey Peninsula side of Monterey County)


If you are a Christian church interested in talking further how your church might be part of LOCC, please feel free to contact Eric Johnsen at loveourcentralcoast@gmail.com or call at (831) 214-0964 to discuss this opportunity.  If you are a volunteer seeking to help serve the community with the love and compassion of Christ, feel free to check out the list of upcoming projects under our Project Information tab on our website.  Projects for the April 21 serve day are posted, but continue to evolve as we work with our community partners to best meet their needs.

We look forward to continuing to see God's hand at work from so many of you who have served and continue to do so throughout the year.  The Lord is pleased!  

Current Partner Churches:

    • All Things New 
    • Carmel Presbyterian Church 
    • Compass Church
    • Encounter Church
    • Greater Victory Temple 
    • Monterey Church                
    • Salinas Full Gospel Church 
    • Salinas Valley Community Church  
    • Sanctuary Bible Church
    • Shoreline Community Church
    • St. Ansgar's Lutheran Church
    • Trinity Christian High School
    • Upper Room
    • Vineyard Christian Fellowship