Love Our Central Coast is community-based service movement with the goal of loving and serving Monterey County residents and organizations. The collaborative is founded on the notion of collective impact in our communities, seeking to not only serve and bless our communities but to help shape the character, values and culture of caring and serving our neighbors.

Love Our Central Coast is expanding in extending compassion and kindness across our cities by several church partners alongside of non-profits, school districts, businesses, service organizations, neighborhoods, city departments, residents, and guests all working together for the common good of our central coast.  The strength and unity of the Church brings great love and care for our communities as well as a force towards solving pressing community issues.  Are you on board?

We welcome faith communities, non-profit agencies and service-oriented churches to join us as partners that care deeply for the good of our local communities.  If you represent a church, non-profit organization or individuals seeking to join in on this service model for our cities, please contact our Leadership team and let us know your interests, and we will be delighted to meet with your church and partner together.

Blessings, grace and love to our cities .

The LOCC Leadership Team.